Sponsors and Partners

The goal of CSR Partners is to foster collaboration and communication between the investigators working within the Center for SUDEP Research and non-profit, academic, industry and government partners. 

·  Each partner has unique skills and expertise that would enhance research on SUDEP.

·      Working together we can foster collaboration to identify the cause(s) and risk factors for SUDEP.

·      Partners have the knowledge and expertise to inform research in the CSR.

· Partners have the connections to different groups of individuals in the epilepsy community (i.e. individuals with epilepsy, caregivers, health care providers, researchers, etc.) in order to provide education and information about SUDEP and SUDEP research.

·    Investigators in the CSR have the responsibility to inform the communities about the ongoing research in the CSR, as well as research opportunities for individuals with epilepsy.

·   It is everyone’s goal to work as efficiently and effectively as possible to find the cause(s) of SUDEP in order to develop preventative measures for individuals with epilepsy.

Specifics of the Collaboration:

·      Annual meeting of CSR Partners with the CSR investigators and sponsors.

·      Regular updates of research ongoing in the CSR.

·    Written updates on SUDEP research provided by CSR investigators for use by non-profits on their websites, newsletters, etc.

·  Active involvement of the CSR investigators in the PAME conference and conference planning.

·  Outreach to individuals with epilepsy regarding research updates and opportunities for participation in research.